A Title IX Lawyer Can Help Students and Institutions to Defend Against Allegations of Sexual Harassment

Students, professors, coaches, and other personnel at universities and educational institutions who are alleged to have engaged in sexual harassment or assault may find themselves facing sanctions for their actions from the institution. These sanctions can include expulsion, suspension, loss of tuition credit, forfeiture of financial assistance, and denials of athletic scholarships. A Rochester Title IX lawyer could help them defend themselves against allegations that they violated federal law and avoid harsh penalties.

While schools are free to decide their own procedures, investigate and resolve complaints, the federal government has established guidelines for investigations into sexual harassment or assault. These guidelines require schools to conduct an impartial and fair investigation. They also mandate that all parties be informed of the allegations, that both sides be given equal access to witnesses, and that there are no reasonably perceived conflicts of interest. If an informal resolution is not reached, the school will summon all parties to a Title IX hearing. These proceedings, while not trials, are designed in a similar format to a trial. They will include opening and final statements, witness testimony and cross-examination. An attorney-advisor could help you to navigate the process by serving as a middleman in communications with investigators and other parties and helping you to gather evidence that supports your case.

Often times, students are unaware of their rights when they are involved in a Title IX investigation and hearing. This can result false accusations leading to unfair disciplinary action. It can also be detrimental to the accused when defending against Title IX complaints. An experienced Title IX Lawyer Carbondale ensure that students (called “respondents”) are fully aware their rights throughout the investigation and listening stages of Title IX investigations or hearings.

A Title IX lawyer could also help with an appeal against a school’s decisions. Students only have a small window of opportunity to file a complaint, so it’s important to get legal advice right away to preserve their appeal rights. A Title IX legal representative can help the student decide how to proceed. They can also advise on what steps should be taken to preserve an appeal.

Tully Rinckey PLLC lawyers have successfully helped a large number of people with Title IX concerns, including both the complainant and the respondent. We understand Title IX and are committed to fighting for you. Contact us now to schedule an appointment with one our Rochester Title IX Defense Lawyers. Our lawyers have fought for the rights of college students, teachers and professors, coaches and other staff and faculty members. We have all the resources, skills and knowledge necessary to aggressively fight for your rights throughout the Title IX process. We have successfully protected dozens students, professors, other faculty, and employees against claims of sexual abuse and wrongful dismissal.

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