Automatic Coffee Machines Melbourne Are A Great Way To Give Your Business

Buying a commercial coffee machine can be an expensive business decision. Some cafe owners lease their coffee equipment.

Automatic Coffee Machines Melbourne are a great way to give your business the look of a cafe without the expense. These machines are great for offices that have young Baristas. These machines come in different styles to match your kitchen’s professional design.

1. Electrolux Professional

AB Electrolux, one of the top manufacturers of kitchen and laundry appliances around the world is headquartered in Sweden. The products are used in hotels, restaurants catering establishments and more. Its products include refrigerators, dishwashers, and other cooking equipment.

Commercial Coffee Machines Melbourne located in Melbourne from Electrolux Professional will help your business provide a great-tasting cup of coffee every single time. The sleek, industrial machines fit in your professional kitchen. The coffee makers are quick and easy to use, making it possible to serve more customers in a smaller amount of time.

If you’re serving coffee during the busiest hours of the day or on quieter days, your customers need a consistent, delicious-tasting beverage. Electrolux Professional created their PrecisionBrew line to meet this need. The innovative brewing technology keeps high temperatures and provides exceptional taste with a consistent and simple. Java-tate technology gently stirs the brewed coffee to ensure a long-lasting, exceptional taste. This system also has optional brew volume settings to match demand, saving you money and reduces waste.

2. Sanremo

Sanremo designs stunning coffee machines that are designed to look like art and yet, they function well. They are the top manufacturer for espresso machines due to their dedication to detail and superior craftsmanship. This is evident especially in the Cafe Racer, which offers an array of modern features at an affordable price.

The design of the Cafe Racer is inspired by the speed, freedom and power of premium motorcycles. This motif is carried over into its technical functionality. Its multiboiler system leverages four points of temperature control to ensure a precise temperature. The volumetric controls of the system allow baristas to keep their shot consistency even in the midst of the biggest rush.

The CUBE semi-professional model has minimalistic in design and follows the Cafe Racer. Its sleek, professional style will leave a lasting impression with your customers and ensure a smooth workflow for your Baristas. The Wi-Fi connection lets your smartphone act as a remote control of the machine that lets you set the temperature of the boiler, manage the water levels and filtering and also monitor the consumption of energy.

3. Expobar

Consider our Expobar range of commercial coffee machines for your café if you are a barista or coffee shop owner. These machines are made in Spain and provide a high-quality extraction. They are also simple to use and are a great option for those who are new to baristas.

The new Expobar Office Lever Plus seamlessly blends commercial capabilities with an easy-to-use design. The new version includes a steam wand with no burn and the ability to be connected to a plumbed system, making it easier for heavy users to keep their espresso water supply topped up.

This machine retains the chrome-plated marine brass E61 brew group as well as portafilter, but has been made to run slightly hotter, allowing for more energy to extract more thick doses in less time. It is powered by a copper-based boiler, and has a full-featured heating exchanger system with automatic refilling of the water and an electronic temperature control for the boiler. This machine requires regular backflushing in order to remove impurities, and a descaling kit is available.

4. Synesso

Synesso is a company based in Seattle founded in 2004 by former La Marzocco engineer Mark Barnett. Their multi-boiler units are robust, reliable, and temperature stable.

They are also sleekly-designed and low-profile, which allows for an increased level of interaction and hospitality between the baristas and guests. They are perfect for restaurants or cafes that are boutique creating a classic appearance.

One of the features we love on the S-Series is the ambidextrous steam wands making sure that both right-handed and left-handed baristas are able to comfortably use them. They’re a refreshing change from the scalding steam wands found on some other espresso machines in commercial use that tend to burn or burn hands when used for long periods of time.

The S-Series is also distinguished by its magnetic group switches. They are more reliable and reliable than paddle-style switches, which can be problematic or require frequent replacement. You can also control your water volume and set-points from the external digital screen.

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